ISLAND TEMPTATIONS Pop Quiz: When you think of island destinations to add to your Diva bucket list, what springs to mind? Capri. Santorini. Maldives (*sigh). Maui. Fiji? [Remember them?] Or dishy New Zealand (think about a¬†Girls’ Getaway to Queenstown), Bali and Boracay, Mauritius and Mykonos, Sicily and Seychelles? Whichever way you cut it, that’s a […]

Who knew 3 little words would mean so much…’when can we’…

Last week during a moment of co-vid induced boredom, I fed the words ‘when can we’ into Dr Google (apologies to all doctors – I know this infuriates you but it is what people call it) and guess what the biggest response in the drop down suggestions were? ‘When can we travel’ followed by ‘when […]

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