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Who we are

Travelling Divas is a luxury travel specialist dedicated to providing creative, customised tours exclusively for women. We were established in 2008 and since then have had the pleasure of taking 100’s of fabulous guests on wonderful, authentic experiences.

We are a small team of people who come from different backgrounds: the travel industry, the wine  industry, the executive level of business and small business entrepreneurs plus many other skillsets.

What we all share in common is a vision to provide you with the best travel experiences available, providing you the freedom to enjoy yourself, express yourself and to come home feeling like you have experienced something wonderful that will leave you with the memories of a lifetime.

We want to show you the world from a different point-of-view. Each itinerary is different and custom made by us with the best partners we can find – one day we might do the tourist thing (because it is fun), the next we will indulge in a little retail therapy with a stylist, perhaps followed by a private dining experience in a local resident’s home – making sure that each tour allows you to experience the many worlds that make up each and every fabulous place we visit.

Meet the Divas

We are a small team but all of us work hard to ensure that each and every tour we create provides the most amazing holiday experience for you! We are here to look after you from when you first book to when you return home.



A truly wonderful travel industry career that has spanned over a 40 years has led to a passionate love affair with exploring this incredible world.

Many happy years have been spent discovering the 4 corners of the earth and Andrea still find there is not enough time to see it all!

Her commitment is to provide  high-quality and high-value tours, offering women the opportunity to discover new places or maybe rediscover some old favourites;  meet new friends and reconnect with old, and provide the space to indulge in some much needed ‘you’ time. Whether travelling with girlfriends, family or solo, Travelling Divas provides an environment that takes care of you and allows you to experience, rejuvenate and connect!

Oh and she also makes sure there is plenty of time for a glass of bubbles and a cocktail or 3 throughout…

Feel free to contact andrea@travellingdivas.com at anytime.



Donna Hipgrave, or The Escape Artist, as one of her sons dubbed her, has an unending passion for travel and the ability to make the most of any opportunity that comes her way – particularly when it comes to travel .

Born into a family with a rich naval history meant her father travelled all over the world.  On his return home he would share his stories, feeding a burning desire to discover the world which has led to a lifetime of travel and exploring!

Donna has passion for India and Sri Lanka that knows no bounds, and she has a keen interest in art and architecture.  When travelling  she  is committed to finding and sharing authentic experiences in each place visited whether it is a delicious meal in a private home or a dinner on the rooftop of the Jodphur Fort.

She has explored Europe in detail, loving Italy (of course) and revels in her new passion for Portugal.  She is equally at home in  New York and much of the USA  or Morocco and Peru…. a truly global traveller, the list is endless!

She is a volunteer guide at the Queensland Art Gallery and often the research into a new exhibition leads her down the path to a new tour – fabulous!

In addition to this Donna trained as a paediatric physiotherapist, and has also worked in Vietnam in a volunteer role with children and families.  Her love of caring for others ensures she is a wonderful tour leader, making sure that everyone is cared for from start to finish.



Jane Thomson is a fabulous woman who brings a wealth of experience in the women in wine space!

She is the founder and Managing Director of The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society, Australia’s first and largest wine community for women. In 2015 Jane also founded the Australian Women in Wine Awards (AWIWA) – the world’s only awards program for women in wine – of which she is Chair. The AWIWA are this year (2019) taking place in New York in partnership with Wine Australia. In both 2013 & 2016 Jane was named ‘Digital Wine Communicator of the Year’ by Wine Communicators of Australia, and is the only person to have been awarded this twice. She has also been the Drinks Editor for Taste.com.au Magazine since 2013.

She certainly knows what she is doing when it comes to wine, and in addition is a fabulous tour leader and if it fun and wine combined on a luxury getaway – then she is your woman…



As a “maestra” of authentic tours featuring Italy’s time-honoured traditions, the discerning experiences that Carol Sicbaldi shares as a Tour Leader for Travelling Divas will push you to explore a life of simple pleasure, uncomplicated flavours, bucolic landscapes and architecture from a time when things were built to last.

Take your pick from cultural and producer visits, authentic home cooked meals, pop-up picnics and wine tastings. Carol’s mission is to source artisans whose life’s work is dedicated to keeping their chosen crafts alive, from cheese makers to bakers, honey producers and herbalists. Her lifes work of more than 25 years is to celebrate a simplicity long lost in most corners of the world. Slow down, walk, appreciate the rhythm and flavours!



Jemma was always been drawn to travel and was always going to work in the Industry, some-how, some-way.

She has been travelling ever since she was a child; caravanning Australia with her family; re-tracing those steps in her early 20’s; heading to New York on a oneway ticket in the days that was allowed! From across the States she wandered through to Mexico, Central America, Cuba & South America.

She then became a Tour Guide in Latin America covering just about every country you could travel in at the time.  Then a full time move to move to England where Jemma worked for two specialist tour operators over many years in an Operations capacity.

Whilst living in London, whenever a spare moment presented itself, she packed her bags and explored a new corner of the world: Southern, Eastern and Northern Africa, East & Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Different cultures, histories & languages, different foods, landscapes, arts and architecture – it all rocks my proverbial boat…

She is an advocate of not just being a ‘Tourist’. Not just ‘ticking off’ sites. Not just wanting ‘the stamp’ in the passport.

Travel has changed her, educated her. It has humbled her. And she hopes it always will…

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