Who knew 3 little words would mean so much…’when can we’…

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Last week during a moment of co-vid induced boredom, I fed the words ‘when can we’ into Dr Google (apologies to all doctors – I know this infuriates you but it is what people call it) and guess what the biggest response in the drop down suggestions were?

‘When can we travel’ followed by ‘when can we travel internationally again’.

Let’s face it, for those of you who need to roam, the Co-vid crisis is a total disaster! The curtailing of travel is a bit like a mermaid being stuck on a rock, sending out her siren call, but there’s no rescue in sight.

I feel your pain sisters, and it is even more difficult when the boundaries keep shifting faster that a sand storm in the desert.

Since I began writing this post, much of Victoria, and now several suburbs in NSW are in lockdown.  The ongoing messages continue:  maintain social – distancing, wash hands, wear a mask and stay home when things ramp up, please.

The stress of the Co-vid situation cannot be underestimated on physical and more importantly, mental stress.  It is hard to be restricted and controlled when we go from being a country of  great freedom.   Going from idioms such as ‘no worries’ and ‘she’ll be right, mate’ to this challenging time where we cannot leave our state and at times our neighbourhood is a first for most of us.

The most important thing to remember is to hang in there, don’t panic.  You can travel, but for the moment differently.  It may not be the international travel you wanted but it is a case of changing your perspective.  And don’t forget, you have the most incredible destinations to explore in Australia and New Zealand.

More importantly, lockdown and restrictions cannot remove your imagination or your ability to dream, create and plan.  Forget doomscrolling and check out what is on offer in the world, dream about where you want to go and plan it so that when it’s all systems go you already know exactly what you want to do.



At Travelling Divas we are having huge fun planning fabulous girls’ getaways to Adelaide & Kangaroo Island (style and culture meets rugged and beautiful), Queenstown (elegant sophistication and spectacular scenery) and the Fab Ladies Series to McLaren Vale (sold out but oh so decadent).  Many more are under creation.

Imagine a foodie sojourn to Tasmania, staying in luxe hotels with the most incredible paddock (and ocean) to plate cuisine, cold-climate wine tastings, shucking oysters straight off the rocks and then walking it all off in some of the most beautiful and remote landscapes?

Or perhaps you are more into the Tropics and exploring the reef and the spa?  Perhaps some incredible aboriginal art and culture with a local elder?  Or the opportunity to just sit and your biggest decision of the day is which cocktail you would like to order…

Then there are the trips you can do solo or with a fav travel companion.  Every thought about diving with the sharks in Port Lincoln before heading to a winery by the ocean?  Heading to Uluru, dining under the stars,  after experiencing an extraordinary sunset?  Or maybe, heading out on a glamping Safari near Kakadu where you immerse yourself in one of the most inspiring landscapes on the planet…..  There is no limit to what we can do at home, and there is something for all budgets.

There is so much to do your own backyard, and so much on offer that you need to get into!  So stay tuned in, keep your dreams alive and let’s get ready to go – together!

And remember – international travel will be back on the agenda before you know it.  Don’t stop dreaming about those adventures either – we have some divine trips in 2021 that might just tick your boxes!

Have a great day and chat soon.


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