The Travelling Divas Difference

Travelling Divas: created with love in 2008…

Travelling Divas was created by Founder, Andrea Powis, through her own personal experience.

Andrea has always been a passionate traveller and when she found herself single in her mid-30’s it was a bit of a shock.  Her friends were at different stages in their lives and unable to travel as often as she could, so solo travel became the option.

Even though she was a confident and experienced traveller, both on her own and as part of a couple, she really missed sharing the magic of travel with someone else.  She also missed chatting about her adventures over dinner at the end of each day – a ritual that has always been part of her travel experience.

And so Travelling Divas was born, to provide the opportunity to travel with people who love to share the excitement of travel, cultural immersion and adventure through authentic experiences – and enjoy those great conversations over dinner.

Travelling Divas Luxury travel for women, small group tours


Some of the things we do that differentiate us from the crowd.

  • We create bespoke journeys guided by dedicated Travelling Diva tour leaders and local guides. This means you travel with hands-on care as well as invaluable local expertise and language.
  • Our local guides lead our divas away from the tourist traps to gorgeous places you just wouldn’t find on your own. We want your Travelling Diva experience to be authentic and uniquely yours.
  • We do absolutely everything so you don’t have to lift a finger. We can assist with every facet of your diva adventure from airfares and insurance, as well as pre-and-post tour requirements.
  • Our groups are kept small. There are never more than 8-12 divas on any tour—the perfect size for travellers looking to connect with others on a social level whilst still maintaining your sense of independence.
  • We offer a buddy system for solo divas happy to share their journey and take advantage of twin-share rates.
  • Our journeys include just about everything a diva could want all paid for before you travel. Leaving you to focus on your shopping priorities!
  • Travelling Diva hotels and local experiences are carefully selected for their quality, divability and authenticity.
  • Once you’ve travelled with us, you become a member of the Travelling Divas Collective,  with access to exclusive travel offers and promotions available only to you.


Travelling Divas’ focus is on safe, upscale experiential journeys for women, and our prices unapologetically reflect our discerning standards.

Every Diva who travels with us embarks on a unique, small group or luxury private journey with every detail carefully considered and deftly delivered.

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