Which jeans, with which wines & where??

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We have taken cheeky inspiration from our partner in wine crime, Jane Thomson from The Fabulous Ladies Wine Society, by matching her sassy jean-and-wine pairings with our suggested Travelling Divas destination!

So slip into your fave denim delights and see which destinations we think complete the picture perfectly.

Here we go!

What’s the wine equivalent of your fave pair of denim jeans? Well, that depends on the jeans! From skinnies to ‘boyfriend’ and flares, there’s a pair of jeans for every occasion and a fabulous wine and destination mix to match.

Yes, you do need to breathe in while pulling (or spraying) them on, but the skinny jean really does look great on a wide range of female body shapes. And you will notice we’ve emphasised the word ‘female’. That’s because, whilst many jeans styles can look good on both genders, the skinny jean should most definitely be for women only!

Suggested Wine Match: Sauvignon Blanc

A favourite wine choice for women the world over, sauvignon blanc is perfect for sipping when wearing your skinny jeans. Delicious, crisp and on point for the most discerning traveller.

Travelling Diva Trip Match: New Zealand, of course! And just like a great SavvyBee, any time is the right time for a
visit to the Land of the Long White Glass—sorry—Cloud! Talk to us about creating a delicious private journey for you and your gal pals. NZ is pretty perfect any old way, so it might as well be your way right? (A tasty pinot noir is also the order of the day here…)

I’ve lived through several incarnations of the flare, and undoubtedly there’ll be more to come. But whether they”re at
the current height of fashion or not, you can always wear a flare and feel totally retro-cool.

Wine Match: Riesling

As a nod to the original flaring era of the 1960s, riesling is the perfect match to wide-leg jeans. But
do yourself—and me—a favour, and bypass the sweeter, older style rieslings for one of the fresh, dry, zippy styles
now being produced . This is a fab match for a curry or spicy foods!

Travelling Diva Trip Match: Can you hear the exotic strains of the sitar calling? Pack your flares and
join us in India or Sri Lanka in August and September 2020. Take a look at our India: Textiles, Culture
& the Raj, and Sri Lankan Style: Bawa & Beyond – both are totally swoon (and Riesling) worthy.

Worn low on the hip with a loose, straight-cut leg and slouchy masculine silhouette, ‘boyfriend’ jeans offer the perfect antithesis to a girly blouse or cropped t-shirt.

Wine Match: Cabernet Merlot

I don’t know about you, but I love a man who’s masculine and strong but smooth around the edges (where it counts). And that’s why a lovely blend of robust cabernet sauvignon and silky merlot would be a triumphant match when
wearing your boyfriend jeans.

Travelling Divas Trip Match: We love a Cab Merlot as much as the next diva, but here at TD’s HQ we’d also suggest
the soft plum-and-cherry loveliness of a Sangiovese. Sangiovese doesn’t just go well with food, it was made for food,
in particular pizza and pasta! You know where we’re going with this, right? May 2020 for the ultimate Travelling Diva immersion in Florence, Tuscany & Rome. Sold out? Then we can create your own Italian perfection to suit your timing…perfection!

Ciao bella!

Coloured jeans have come a long way since the garish, Tencel trend of the late 1980s. And coloured jeans have
come into their own as a wardrobe staple.

Wine Match: Sparkling Rose

When you wear coloured jeans, you’re pushing the denim boundaries. So, I think a bright and colourful wine that also stretches the rules is needed here. Sparkling rose champagne — a bright, fresh, pink bubbly made from a red grape fits the bill perfectly.

Travelling Divas Trip Match: There’s only one thing for it. Pop that cork and join us in two of the ultimate diva destinations: Paris and Champagne. Private tastings at premium Champagne houses like
Taittinger and Bollinger (squeak!), a private perfume masterclass at the only show in town—Guerlain,
and private guided walking tours. We’ll find out, once and for all, if there really is a limit to the amount of
gorgeousness a Travelling Diva can handle.

Oh my goodness, the bubbles!

This rough-ridin’, boot-scootin’ set of pin covers is always ready when you are to hit the town (or paddock) and take
you from day through to evening. Best worn in winter for all your boot loving needs (although they do suit every season!).

Wine Match: Tempranillo

For the cow-girl in us all, when wearing a bootleg jean we need a wine that we can take a slug of and happily ride off into the sunset. So an easy drinking Spanish variety is what’s called for here.

Travelling Diva Trip Match: ¡Ay, caramba! España it is, then. Who are we to argue with Jane. We
love individually tailoring Diva trips to Spain. After all, not everyone loves flamenco*. You might be
more a paso doble kind of girl. We’re here to help you plan the perfecto Spanish sojourn for your own inner
Diva. Or perhaps a Fab Ladies Getaway would be the way to go?

*Actually everyone loves flamenco.

So, this is our very own (and very comfortable) addition – the high-waisted. Frankly, we think these practical pants are perfect for every Travelling Diva’s adventure. If you’ve travelled with us before, you’ll know that every meal is a celebration of the good life and the diva spirit that resides in all of us. Rest assured, a Travelling Diva never goes
hungry (or thirsty). Here’s to high pants!

Travelling Diva Trip Match: Literally every Travelling Divas’ trip ever.

Click here for a full list of upcoming Travelling Diva departures.
We can’t wait to see you and your favourite jeans on one of our journeys.

Cheers and chat soon!

Andrea xx

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