Travelling Beauty: Beauty tips and tricks for Divas that travel!

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Even as a Diva, I know looking good whilst travelling can be difficult at the best of times, and whilst travelling the world is thrilling, the plane ride can be quite the opposite, especially for your skin. Below are my top tips for feeling fresh-faced and beautiful at 30,000 feet:

1. Tie it up!
Whether you are travelling a short distance, or embarking on a long haul journey, avoid attempting to maintain runway styled hair and keep it simple! If you’re like me and have short hair, treat your locks to a leave in moisturising treatment before you fly, and slick it back and away from your face. For those Diva’s with more length, throw your hair into a simple bun or ponytail that sits low or high enough to avoid hours of rubbing and pressing again the headrest.

Diva tip: if you are travelling overnight, always carry a small brush with you to give your locks a last minute tidy up before arrival.

2. Moisturise
Anyone who has flown, particularly overnight, knows how dry your skin can feel within hours of being in the air. To avoid this, I like to give my skin the red carpet treatment and exfoliate, as well as applying a hydrating mask to my face the night before I jet off (this is in addition to my normal regime). Time permitting, I go for a facial and body scrub/wrap the day before to really get my skin flight ready. For the flight itself, purchasing a nourishing/hydrating face moisturiser (my pick is Lancome’s Nutrix Cream as I have very dry skin) for use in the air and upon arrival is a must, and the same goes for the rest of your body. And I always have Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream – it repairs everything under the sun! Another option is to buy a hydrating mask you can leave on during the flight (try Elemis – it is lovely and light).

Diva tip:Make sure you purchase separate face and body moisturisers ‘ what might work on your legs will not work on your face.

3. Less is more!
Avoid wearing a full face of make up for the flight unless it is absolutely necessary (i.e. you are running straight to an event/ meeting). If you are travelling long haul, avoid wearing make up on the flight at all. Personally, I like to try and walk off a flight looking as fresh-faced as I can, so I always travel with four necessity items: a light BB cream (I use Garnier or Clarins), or tinted moisturiser (try Dermalogica), blush (Benefits Majorette or Nars Orgasm), Benefit’s They’re Real mascara and some tinted lip gloss (Mac always for me with Spice lip pencil underneath).

Diva tip: Apply your fresh make up to a clean face an hour from arrival at your destination.

4. Freshen up
I don’t travel anywhere without good quality face wipes stored in my handbag (I like Nutrogena or Simple as they are good for sensitive skin). These easy-to-carry little gems are the easiest way to freshen up your face, without having to leave your seat! I recommend using face wipes every 4 ‘ 5 hours, particularly on long haul flights, to keep your skin clean and refreshed while flying. I always try to have a shower during transit, time permitting. It is so refreshing and makes you feel far more human. Many airports now have lounges you can pay to go into that provide this option. Some also have massage/spa options as well.

Diva tip: I also carry a beautiful face mist with me no matter what distance I am flying. These bottles of hydration are amazing for calming, replenishing and adding radiance to your skin.

5. Drink up!
I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to drink as much water as possible while flying, especially long distances. Dehydration on planes is all too common, and the substitution of water for other beverage options is an easy trap to fall into. Note: this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have that celebratory glass of bubbles or a wine after take off – it is important to keep the excitement factor going as well. Just limit alcohol intake to a minimum. If the flight staff have disappeared after their food service, don’t hesitate to push the ‘service’ button and request a bottle/glass of water. Many airlines actually have glasses of water poured in the galley area these days.

Diva tip: Purchase a large bottle of water after customs and immigration, and before you get on the plane as back up!

These are all very simple tips Diva’s, and I guarantee they will make flying much more enjoyable!
Chief Diva, Andrea xo

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