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When you think style capital of the world Paris automatically springs to mind. But why wait to rendezvous under the Eiffel Tower to indulge in a little ‘French Style’?

Many Australian travelers will choose to explore the fabulous city of London before heading off to Paris ‘ which poses a dilemma; plane or train? There are a many online forums creating confusion about how to travel between these two divine cities. For me however, it is a no brainer – aside from convenience and price, train travel offers a certain romance and Eurostar makes the journey feel truly stylish.

Eurostar offers Diva-worthy transport from St Pancras Station in London straight into the heart of Paris Gare du Nord in little over two hours’ and did I mention the champagne service at a push of a button at the St Pancras Champagne Bar?
Or does the thought of reclining in your spacious carriage, seated next to your favourite travel buddy, indulging in a glass of wine, taking in the idyllic French countryside as you speed by make you yearn for a luxurious start to a memorable French soiree?
To help reduce the clutter and confusion online I have put together some of my top tips to make the best use of your travel time between the city of London and the City of Love, and indulge in a few Diva comforts along the way.

1. Choose from Business Premier, Standard Premier or Standard class

To be honest all classes are very comfortable, but Business Premier is a real treat. Benefits include complimentary meal and beverage service as well as more spacious seats with a more exclusive feel.
The price of Business Premier is comparative to that of a flight but the benefits of avoiding long security queues, busy passport control, and soulless airport waiting bays by jumping straight on and off in the middle of the city puts the train at a clear advantage.

2. Start your journey off at St Pancras

With the Business Premier ticket you have access to the exclusive lounge in St Pancras, which has just recently been restored and is a gorgeous place to start your journey with shops, cafés, and bars to get you on your way.
But I love the Champagne Bar at St Pancras Station and will arrive there early to enjoy some French Bubbles (pink Taittinger is a favourite) and some oysters. Hitting the ʻPress for Champagneʼ button is a unique experience and one of my favourite memories is the waiter returning to refill my glass and take my order for food post press! If only we had this magical button to take home with us.
This is such a lovely way to start the trip and adds a touch of glamour and fun to what is still one of my favourite ways to travel in Europe.

3. There is a generous baggage allowance

As my fellow Divas will understand, baggage allowance is a huge factor when it comes to selecting the best transport option. One of the great benefits of travelling with Eurostar is that you only need to check in luggage if you have more than two bags per person. This is a great time saver compared to plane travel and means that your bags are nearby during the entire journey no waiting at the baggage carousel when you reach Paris.

For those who have been hitting the shops in London before boarding, there are no weight restrictions. Bonus!

4. Stress free travel

On board you can enjoy a wine, chat away, dine, read or catch up on some quality sleep. For those looking to brush up on their French, there is always a great mix of business people, holiday makers and locals travelling back to Paris should you wish to make some new friends.

5. Convenience

Within 3 hours you are into the heart of Paris, into a taxi just outside the station and off to your hotel, and more importantly, into those beautiful Parisian boutiques for very necessary retail therapy.
Easy, fun and relaxing!
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Chief Diva, Andrea xo

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