Surrender to Spain: Barcelona, Menorca & Mallorca

14 May 2025

29 May 2025

Discover the essence of luxury travel, on this exquisite 16-day journey through the captivating landscapes of Barcelona, Menorca, and Mallorca. This beautiful journey promises to redefine your perception of extraordinary, offering a perfect blend of vibrant culture, culinary delights, and delightful rejuvenation.  Immerse yourself into a path less travelled and surrender to the Spanish way of life…


Private Tapas Tour/Welcome dinner

Private Foodie & Cultural Tour

Private Chocolate Workshop

Private shopping tour with stylist

In-house Chef in Menorca at our private Finca

Private 4WD island experience with visits and tastings at private farms included

Private Floral Experience 

Private Fire Cooking Experience

Private Cultural and Foodie Tour of Ciutadella

Private Traditional ‘Cesta’ making workshop with basket included

Private Full Day Traditional Llaut (boat) experience with skipper 

Private Hiking and Yoga experience

Cliff Top bar experience – private VIP area with drinks included

Private Art & Artisans Tour of Deià

Private distillation experience with gift and lunch included

Private Cultural & Shopping Tour of Palma de Mallorca

Luxurious stays

and much, much more…

Discover the essence of luxury travel on this exquisite 16-day journey through the captivating landscapes of Barcelona, Menorca, and Mallorca. This exquisite journey promises to redefine your perception of extraordinary, offering a perfect blend of vibrant culture, culinary delights, and serene rejuvenation.

Barcelona is a feast for the senses on every level.  Begin your adventure in the city’s heart, and be immersed in Barcelona’s vibrant culture and culinary delights.  Stroll through bustling fresh produce markets, where the colours and aromas captivate your senses.  Indulge in the tantalising flavours of tapas, letting each bite narrate a unique chapter of your journey.

Explore the iconic architecture, from Gaudí’s masterpieces to the historic Gothic Quarter, all while connecting with the amazing women who share your passion for the luxury of travel.

Then to Menorca for a week of total serenity and complete immersion into the slow life.  Here, each day invites you to embrace a slower pace through revitalising yoga and meditation sessions against the backdrop of the island’s tranquil beauty;  unearth hidden gems as you join in immersive cultural activities like crafting traditional Menorcan baskets and sailing on a classic ‘llaut’;  and enjoy a private sanctuary in our meticulously restored retreat, surrounded by Menorca’s peaceful countryside.

This is your time to breathe, rejuvenate, and connect deeply with the island’s timeless charm.

Our expedition end with a magical finale  in Mallorca, where every moment is designed to indulge your senses. Raise your glass to awe-inspiring sunsets that paint the sky in hues of gold and crimson. Delve deeply into the island’s rich artistic history and culture, exploring galleries, museums, and local artisans’ workshops. Savour quintessential Mediterranean life with exquisite dining experiences, where each meal is a celebration of local flavours and culinary artistry.

This is more than travel; it’s an intimate, luxurious experience crafted for the discerning female traveller who seeks beauty, authenticity, connection, and rejuvenation.

Join us on this unforgettable odyssey and embrace the luxury of slow travel, where every moment is designed for you to connect,  and live life to the fullest.


Tour Price:

Single:  AUD$26,555 per person

Twin:  AUD$23,465 per person on a twin share basis (NOTE: accommodation for the 7 nights in Menorca is on a single basis as twin beds are not available)

Tour Starts: Barcelona

Tour Finishes: Mallorca

Tour Dates: 14 – 29 May 2025  (16 days)


Fully escorted from Barcelona by Casey Merwood, Diva extraordinaire & collaborative partner

Private arrival transfers airport hotel

4 nights 5-star luxury accommodation in a Small-Medium Rooms, Hotel Wittmore Barcelona

7 nights 5-star luxury private finca accommodation, Es Bec D’Aguila, Menorca

4 nights 5-star luxury  accommodation, Hotel Sant’ Francesc Singular, Palma de Mallorca

Breakfast daily

18 main meals:  11 dinners & 7 lunches

Economy class airfares:  Barcelona-Menorca & Menorca-Mallorca


Private Tapas Tour (Welcome dinner) 

Private Foodie & Cultural Tour

Private Chocolate Workshop

Hammam Experience with 30 minute massage

Private shopping tour with stylist


Inhouse Chef throughout

Private Welcome dinner with cocktail and live music

Private 3x yoga/meditation/breathwork sessions

Private 4WD island experience with visits and tastings at private farms included

Private Floral Experience 

Private Fire Cooking Experience

Private Cultural and Foodie Tour of Ciutadella

Private Traditional ‘Cesta’ making workshop with basket included

Private Full Day Traditional Llaut (boat) experience with skipper 

Private Hiking and Yoga experience

Cliff Top bar experience – private VIP area with drinks included


Private Art & Artisans Tour of Deià

Private distillation experience with gift and lunch included

Private Cultural & Shopping Tour of Palma de Mallorca

Farewell Dinner with wine included

Private transport throughout for activities/transfers included in the itinerary

All taxes included – IVA + tourist tax

Not Included:

Airfares unless stated in the itinerary; items of a personal nature; phone calls; passport and visas (if applicable); entry fees into countries charged at the airport; laundry or tips. Personal transport; excess baggage; security and additional government taxes not covered already; travel insurance. Meals not specifically mentioned in the itinerary; beverages unless specifically described. Optional excursions or activities that may be offered but are not included in the tour price.  Camera tickets at sights were allowed.

MAY 2025

Day 1 – Wednesday 14:  Time to surrender to Spain…

From the moment you step out of your private transfer, you’re welcomed to a lavish 5-star hotel situated in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

Tonight marks the start of a holiday that transcends the ordinary.  Join us in a celebratory stroll through cobblestoned streets, discovering our cherished tapas bars — a chance to slow down, embrace the present moment, and truly live the good life.

Meals:  Dinner

Day 2 – Thursday 15:  Exploring the heart of Barcelona…

Begin your morning with an exploration of one of Barcelona’s most vibrant fresh produce markets.  Allow us to unravel the nuances of Spanish cuisine, from exquisite queso (cheese) and flavourful jamón (Spanish ham) to delectable embutidos (cured meats), olives, and warm crusty bread—just the beginning of a culinary journey through a myriad of delights.

As we navigate the heart of Barcelona, we’ll share captivating folk stories and legends that paint the city’s history in vivid hues. 

As the day winds down, we’ve secured reservations at a local restaurant for a memorable dinner. Afterwards, consider joining us at a concealed speakeasy bar, accessible only to those privy to the secret password…..  

Meals:  Breakfast, Dinner

Day 3 – Friday 16:  Chocolate & hammam time…

When you picture destinations famous for chocolate, Barcelona might not immediately spring to mind! However, Barcelona actually holds the distinction of being the first European city to welcome chocolate into its vibrant culture. Today, we’re diving headfirst into an extraordinary chocolate experience. Get ready to tantalise your taste buds with a chocolate tasting, unravel the secrets of chocolate making, and even craft your very own chocolate creations in our exclusive private chocolate workshop. 

This afternoon, indulge in a pampering experience with a luxurious hammam ceremony and a soothing half hour massage at a breathtaking Arabic bathhouse. 

This evening is at leisure to explore some of your own Barcelona.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 4 – Saturday 17:  Shop, shop, shop…

Barcelona is a city full of style and Spanish fashion has everything from sublime to eccentric central. 

Today, we’re delving into ‘El Borne’ for an immersive retail therapy experience! Accompanied by our dedicated ‘personal stylist,’ we’ll unveil exclusive Spanish designer labels, explore trendy boutiques showcasing the latest in Spanish fashion, and unearth hidden gems in vintage stores offering unique bargains. 

We’ll take a short break from shopping to enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of Barcelona’s newest, and most exclusive restaurants. And then, dedicate the remainder of your day ‘de compras’— shopping until you’ve explored every enticing corner.

Today is the perfect opportunity to replenish your wardrobe and home with the latest in fashion, accessories, and homewares! 

Then time to get organised to leave for a spot of island hopping tomorrow!

Meals:  Breakfast, Dinner

Day 5 – Sunday 18:  Menorca & time to slow down…

Enjoy the morning at your own pace, exploring Barcelona at leisure.

In the early afternoon, we’ll head to the airport for your flight to Menorca. Upon arrival, you’ll be welcomed to our meticulously restored private retreat nestled atop a hill amidst 60 hectares of rural paradise. In the evening, unwind with a leisurely stroll through the gardens, cocktail in hand, followed by a welcome dinner under the stars crafted by our personal chef.

Meals:  Breakfast, Dinner

Day 6 – Monday 19:  Yoga, a jeep adventure and a taste of local life…

This morning marks the beginning of a transformative week, starting with a slow flow yoga class and a rejuvenating guided meditation.

Following breakfast, we’ll embark on a jeep adventure, guided by locals, to discover the hidden gems of Menorca. Traverse rural roads unveiling unexpected landscapes, including cliffs, ravines, quarries, forests and intriguing stone walls. Indulge in tastings of authentic Menorcan products like the renowned ‘queso mahón’ cheese, experiencing the magic of private farms where they are handcrafted.

As the sun sets on our first day in Menorca, we’ll relish a laid-back dinner on the terrace, completing a day filled with enchanting experiences. 

Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 7 – Tuesday 20: Flowers & Spanish fire-cooking…

Today, we embark on a captivating journey to a hidden rural oasis, where floral scents mingle with the aroma of crackling fires. Our adventure begins with a private floral workshop, using hand-picked blooms and foliage to craft our own exquisite floral crowns. Meanwhile, our lunch will be prepared over an open flame, offering a hands-on lesson in the art of Spanish fire-cooking. As we gather around the fire, we’ll indulge in a lavish feast featuring local delicacies, each dish infused with the essence of the surrounding countryside and cooked to perfection in the fresh open air.

After your well-deserved siesta, choose to relax at the retreat (massage anyone?), or head out to explore some of Menorca’s famous hidden coves and beaches. An easy going dinner awaits you on the terrace later in the evening.

Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 8 – Wednesday 21:  Exploring Ciutadella and artisan life…

This morning, we venture to Ciutadella, Menorca’s second-largest town, renowned as one of Spain’s most stunning locales. Guided by a local expert, we’ll navigate the enchanting maze of cobblestone streets in the old town, discovering the essence that sets this Menorcan city apart. 

Enjoy some leisure time for lunch before immersing ourselves in a workshop hosted by a local ‘cesta’ artisan—a master in crafting traditional Menorcan baskets. Here, we’ll personally handcraft our own cestas, carrying home a cherished piece of Menorca. Additionally, consider customising your own leather handbag, tailored entirely to your preferences. 

We’ll conclude the day with a relaxed dinner on the terrace back at our retreat.

Meals:  Breakfast, Dinner

Day 9 – Thursday 22:  Explore  your Mediterranean on a private ‘Ilaut’…

Indulge in a leisurely morning with a lovely lazy sleep in and breakfast, replenishing your energy for our day on the Mediterranean aboard our traditional ‘llaut,’ a wooden boat unique to the Balearic Islands. Navigate to secluded coves reachable only by boat,  swim in the crystal-clear waters, soak up the Mediterranean sun, and emerge utterly refreshed. 

In the early evening, return to our retreat for dinner followed by a serene meditation session, guaranteeing a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 10 – Friday 23:  Yoga, a breakfast picnic, rejuvenation time and more…

Head out for  an early morning hike to a hidden location, where your yoga session awaits, offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Following a special picnic breakfast, we’ll take a refreshing swim in the turquoise waters below – honestly, they have to be seen to be believed! The remainder of the day is yours to unwind at the retreat, or venture into the nearby villages, creating a few more special memories to carry home with you. 

Tonight promises to be a highlight – we’re heading to an extraordinary ‘nightclub’ tucked into the edge of the cliffs. It’s an unparalleled spot to relish the Menorcan sunset, people-watching amidst live music, and sipping on a few drinks from the comfort of our own private VIP area.

Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 11 – Saturday 24:  A day at leisure and a seafood feast…

On our final day in Menorca, take the opportunity to soak in the beauty of our retreat once more, soaking up every moment amidst its tranquil surroundings.

Alternatively, revisit the local spots that have captured your heart, or venture into Mahón, to explore the myriad charms and treasures of the island’s capital. .

In the evening, we’ve arranged a memorable farewell dinner at a stunning seaside restaurant with panoramic Mediterranean views. Delight in a sumptuous seafood feast sourced fresh from the trawlers as we reminisce about the unforgettable moments of our magical holiday together.

Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 12 – Sunday 25:  Farewell Menorco, hello Mallorca…

This morning, we’ll head to the airport for our flight to Mallorca, the largest gem in the Balearic Islands. Upon arrival, we’ll make our way to a charming village, nestled in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana. Our accommodation, a 19th-century manor house, perches atop the cliffs, offering breathtaking views of the Sierra de Tramuntana. Tonight, we’ll toast to the sunset with a drink on the terrace, followed by dinner under the stars at the award-winning restaurant.

Meals:  Breakfast, Dinner

Day 13 – Monday 26:  Art time…

Today promises to be one of those surreal ‘pinch-me’ moments we’ll cherish forever. Our group has an exclusive invitation to meet Juan Waelder, the esteemed Artist in Residence at Belmond La Residencia in Deià. With deep roots in the Mallorcan art scene, Juan’s works and commissions are revered by collectors worldwide. We’ll step into his studio at La Residencia and wander through the now-private sculpture garden and Poet’s Walk, basking in the beauty of his creations. Following this intimate encounter, we’ll join Juan for a drink on the hotel terrace, where we can engage in lively conversation and pose any burning questions. Later, our journey into the Mallorcan art scene continues as we visit two more artist studios in nearby Deià, immersing ourselves further in the vibrant local culture.

Feel free to continue your exploration of Deià into the evening, or join us for a traditional Mallorcan dinner back in Palma.

Meals:  Breakfast

Day 14 – Tuesday 27:  An aromatic journey & the ancient artistry of plant distillation…

Today presents a remarkable chance to delve into the world of sacred Mediterranean plants, unravelling their rich history, traditional uses, and medicinal properties on the island. Guided by an expert herbalist, we’ll embark on an aromatic walk through Mallorca’s landscape, immersing ourselves in the essence of its nature.

Following our exploration, we’ll venture to the home of a local master artisan distiller, renowned for expertise in native herbalism. Amidst the crackling flames, you’ll unlock the mysteries of plant distillation, experiencing firsthand the ancient artistry behind capturing the island’s authentic essence through its captivating aromas and wild essential oils.

Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch

Day 15 – Wednesday 28:  Exploring Palma de Mallorca…

Today, immerse yourself in the stylish capital of Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca.

Accompanied by our local guide, delve into the vibrant pulse of the city’s fashion scene. Discover a plethora of trendy boutiques and creative spaces, each offering a unique array of delights.

From fashionable attire and exquisite jewellery to one-of-a-kind home decor and art pieces, Palma’s offerings are bound to capture your heart.  Embrace the lively ambiance, where modern local and Spanish designs take centre stage, showcasing curated collections of clothing, accessories, and more. Wander through the picturesque streets, guided by the city’s artistic soul, and indulge in a shopping experience brimming with excitement at every turn.

Tonight, it’s time for our ultimate farewell dinner in a secret location, where we can swap stories and reflect on the past two weeks. We’ve kept a special surprise for this occasion, so get ready to be amazed!

Meals:  Breakfast, Dinner

Day 16 – Thursday 29:

Having completely embraced all that Spain has to offer, it is time say farewell to one another and our taste of the good life. 

A private transfer awaits to take you to the airport for the next leg of your journey. 

Thank you for joining us on this iconic journey.

Meals:  Breakfast


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Hotel Wittmore:

Discover the charm of the Wittmore Hotel, located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. With 22 rooms, our adults-only hotel partakes in the city’s most creative scene, interpreting luxury as an intangible and ephemeral experience, born from the fleeting union of several factors that give life to unforgettable moments.

All rooms are flooded with natural light and offer views of the vertical garden, creating an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Get away from the hustle and bustle and let yourself be carried away by the evocation of silence.

There are unique spaces to enjoy and unwind from what is happening all around. The living room full of thought-provoking books, the patio with the largest vertical garden in Barcelona and finally the rooftop terrace from where you can contemplate the magic of the Gothic heights.


luxury travel for women, barcelona, spain, menorca, mallorca, small goup tours

Finca Es Bec D’aguila:

Welcome to an immersion in the heart of the Menorcan wilderness. Enjoying this architectural jewel, completely renovated and sublimated just to yourselves is a privilege: the privilege of intimacy, silence, beauty and understated luxury.

Only Ten kilometres from the nearest beach, Es Bec d’Aguila enjoys a very exclusive and private position nestled in its 60 hectares of land in the heart of Menorca, between the white towns of Alaior and Es Migjorn. The Finca is surrounded by nature and is a reflection of the tradition and the refinement of the Mediterranean world.

The house, a large 1,000 square meters build, has eleven bedrooms, each with its own ensuite. Each bedroom varies in size, outfitted with a king sized double bed and a private bathroom or shower room.

Amenities will be provided, as will cool linen sheets and towels for bathrooms and pool area.
One of the bedrooms, the ground floor and all the outside space including the swimming pool have been built with full accessibility to guests with reduced mobility.


luxury travel for women, barcelona, spain, menorca, mallorca, small goup tours

Hotel Sant Francesc:

Sant Francesc Hotel is built on a palace-house from the mid-19th century. The existing spaces are combined with a sophisticated design and cozy interior design, turning this stately home into a sui generis hotel in the historic center of Palma.

Modern and elegant spaces make up the 5-star hotel located in the heart of the city of Palma. Unique and original rooms, contemporary art and details are taken care of to ensure that guests enjoy their stay in Palma.

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