Tips for ‘Stress-free’ Travel

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It is holiday time and so exciting for so many, as you write ‘packing lists’ and ‘to-do’ lists, and drag the suitcases out of storage in anticipation of getting away and escaping the every day! But no matter where you are going, or what you are doing here are a few things you can do that will help ensure a stress free trip.

  1. Don’t pack all your money, credit cards and valuables in one place: make sure you split them between carry on luggage and handbags/backpacks. Also when you are out walking around, make sure that all valuables are locked up in the safe in your hotel room and wallets and purses are in a difficult to access part of your clothing or bag.
  2. Scan or photograph your passport, credit cards and other important documents such as travel insurance policies/airline tickets and send them to yourself (and a family member or friend) via email, or upload to Dropbox or a similar programme. This way if you need to access them it is easy to do so.
  3. Buy travel insurance! This is actually the most important thing of all and I cannot stress enough how essential it is. It is not only to protect you but will save you a lot of money should you get sick, injured or need to get home, as well as if your luggage goes astray or gets damaged. The other important coverage is cancellation, as it can protect you from unforeseen circumstances. I always buy a comprehensive policy, as well as additional coverage to cover my laptop and other valuables. If you use the travel insurance offered with your credit card ensure that it has comprehensive coverage.
  4. Record serial numbers of laptops, cameras and lenses and i-pads for example, in case they are stolen and you need to make a claim. It makes it so much easier.
  5. Always cover your hand when inputting your pin number – I have been scammed twice now in Europe and in Bali. A hard lesson particularly when you are travelling for a long period of time and your ATM card needs to be replaced and your balance has been stripped down. Fortunately, the banks are pretty good at catching these scams early however it is frustrating and time-consuming, and puts unnecessary stress on your getaway!

These tips are so easy to implement and save so much time in the event that you need to make a claim or replace a credit card or document.

Bon voyage and enjoy the Christmas escapes – you’ve earned it!

Andrea xx

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