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Top travel tips from our Croatian Beauties

Travel is full of major decisions — like which country to visit, how much to spend, and when to stop waiting and finally make that all-important tour and holiday purchase. But beyond the big picture, it’s the little things that can make a trip easier and less stressful.

We had a fabulous time exploring Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia in September with 10 wonderful Divas. Throughout the ‘Croatian Beauty’ tour, tour guide Zoe interviewed each of the Divas to glean what their best travel tips might be, so we could sharethem with you for when you travel in future. We hope these are of help and make leaving the house a lot less stressful!

  1. It may seem obvious but it is really important not to pack when stressed. Start packing well in advance, adding little pieces when you can in the weeks building up to the trip, as this will make it less stressful. Leaving it all to the last minute means you have less chance of packing everything that you need, and forgetting something crucial.
  2. A fabulous invention is the packing cube, which will revolutionise the way you pack. They zip close and are small enough that you can fit several into a carry-on bag or suitcase. This is helpful if you have multiple destinations on the itinerary and need different types of clothes for various climates. These are a lifesaver…They help you to stay organised, keep your belongings compact, maximise space and help find what you need in record time from the abyss of your suitcase. These little cubes of zippered goodness will give you back some of your sanity while you travel and you can even use them to store travel belongings between trips at home!
  3. How you pack is important and our top tip is to roll your clothes rather than the traditional way of folding. Tightly rolling clothes into compact pieces (and then into packing cubes) allows for much tighter packing that fits more items into the suitcase. It also cuts down on creases, so give it a go on your next trip!
  4. Always take a black swimming costume with you as it can double up as a slip/singlet under a black top or shirt in the evening. When in the tropics just tie on a sarong skirt and you have a beautiful dinner outfit.
  5. As if packing isn’t enough of an ordeal, we all strive to throw together a perfect outfit complete with stylish accessories when travelling. Organising your suitcase or travel bag is the best way to achieve this, including packing the right jewellery. You wouldn’t dream of packing for a weekend away without including a pair of shoes for the evening, the same should be true of jewellery. That black evening dress is going to look a little less glam without some well-placed bling. This is where jewellery rolls (sometimes known as as a jewellery wrap) are extremely helpful, as you can organise your jewellery to go with each outfit. This makes a far better alternative to searching through your handbag, makeup bag, or wash bag, trying to remember where you slipped your precious jewellery in to. You can lay out your necklaces flat and they won’t get tangled. Rings can be safely stored and earrings tucked away separately. It is also a good idea to get into the habit of putting your jewellery away in your jewellery roll each evening when staying in hotels, as otherwise it is easily misplaced and possibly forgotten and lost when you pack. Lastly if you need to buff your jewellery before heading out a shoe polishing cloth works wonders.
  6. Bring along a power strip (extension lead) with you for use in hotel rooms because there are never enough power sockets (or conveniently places sockets) for charging devices. A power strip is a lifesaver when you have lots of devices with empty batteries and also want to dry your hair at the same time. A multi USB adaptor is also an absolute godsend.
  7. Remember to pack a travel wash powder or a bar of laundry soap as this will help give you the flexibility to re-wear items that get travel sweaty and won’t take up much space.
  8. Pick up some space saver bags for a few dollars from any bag or luggage store in town. Pack your clothes into them and then fold up and compress, so the air expels. The air will squeeze out to give an airtight bag – giving you a much more compact fit. Photo demonstration from lovely Diva Sue.
  9. A lightweight but durable duffel that can be folded into a palm-sized pouch for shopping is a must for any trip. As well as taking up minimal space, it can also be useful later on to be filled with snow globes, bottles of wine or olive oils, and souvenirs that we inevitably acquire whilst travelling. (Try Uniqlo for a wide selection www.uniqlo.com.au)
  10. Lastly taking zip lock bags on your next trip can be a lifesaver in terms of organisation and essentially take up no extra space. Hair accessories can be popped in one bag, cotton pads and earbuds in another. They are particularly useful to separate and carry different currencies around, but you can also use them to carry snacks during a busy sightseeing day, to see you through if you’re too busy to grab some lunch. Doubling ziplock bags for spill-prone liquids can also keep the rest of our belongings safe. Remember you can always pick a few up when you go through the airport if you forget to pack from home.

Thank you so much for tips and photographs from fabulous Divas Di, Sue, Tracy, Deirdre, Leanne, Helen, Bernadette, Katy, Tammy and Terry!

Have a great week and chat soon.

Chief Diva, Andrea xx

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