My New Favourite ‘Must Have’ Travel Essentials!

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I always have this vision that when I arrive off a long flight I am going to disembark looking a lot like Victoria Beckham: dewy skinned, un-crumpled and somewhat stylish. Of course the reality doesn’t really match, and I am constantly searching for new products that will help deliver a more stylish arrival! These are the latest discoveries I want to share with you: If you already know about them apologies but if you don’t they are fabulous!

1. The Miracle Mask I Want to Spend the Rest of my Life With!!
When I fly, by the time I arrive my skin resembles a death mask and takes days to recover its moisture no matter how much water I drink or how good my moisturiser is. However, this is about to change as I have discovered Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask…. This foil mask takes just 10 minutes to deliver a massive shot of hydration, and on my flight next month, I will be putting it on about half way through the 14 hour sector. I must be honest and say that it might scare the person sitting next to you, so if they are cute and you wish to get to know them better maybe avoid it until they are asleep. If not, go for it and arrive with gorgeous, hydrated skin!

2.The Ark Clothing Company Get It Right….
This amazing label delivers comfortable travelling apparel that layers beautifully, rolls up easily, loses creases when you hang it, drip dries, clothing that will layer and take you from day to night with ease – you get it. They have an amazing range of basics that you just build on and if you need help you can do a one-on-one styling session as well. Beautiful clothing that is ethically made in Australia and owned by two fab Aussie women who know their stuff. With stores throughout Melbourne, and one in Hyde Park, Adelaide, not only do they dress you well, they also teach how to pack well. If you don’t live in either of these cities then the online shop is the answer – truly a find that you need to explore. I have only just discovered this and my travel wardrobe has just expanded….

So there you have it – two great products for easy, stylish travel that I am really excited about! Check them out and see what you think, and I would love to hear about any great products you know of that make travel just that little more comfortable!

Have a great weekend.

Chief Diva, Andrea xx

NB: This is a personal review that has not been requested by any of the companies involved.

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