My Love of Africa

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Africa has a wonderful, grounding and relaxing energy which touches your soul and makes you dream of returning to this magical continent. The locals say once you get the dust up your nose you can never leave….

I have had the privilege of living in Africa, namely the outskirts of Chobe National Park, in Botswana for 20 years. From the moment I arrived I was mesmerised by the wildlife, tranquility, people and persity of cultures.

Come on this journey with me…..

The Wildlife

Africa offers unrivalled wildlife to anywhere else on the planet. Botswana alone is home to the largest herds of elephant in the world. To come on safari and witness the ‘big 5’ along with all of the other wildlife species in their natural habitats, is truly a wondrous and life-changing experience.

Peace and Tranquility

I am lucky enough to live in a wildlife corridor, between Chobe National Park in Botswana and the Matetsi Game Reserve in Zimbabwe. In this corridor is a centuries old natural watering hole traversed by the wildlife, and fortunately, it just happens to sit on the edge of my property! There is nothing on earth more grounding and relaxing than chilling on my back porch (or in my plunge-pool) watching a myriad of animals come to quench their thirst whilst I am quenching mine. Due to the lack of light pollution, Africa can also offer spectacular night skies and is a great Continent to learn about astronomy. I usually go to sleep listening to hyena chatting to one another. No cars, no dogs barking, no people……pure bliss.

The People

The Batswana (Botswana) people are very big-hearted, yet humble people who importantly raise strong, independent and beautiful women. In Botswana if the Chief of the village’s first born is a girl, she too will become Chief. For example, my neighbouring town of Pandamtenga, which is a farming community, has a female Chief. I also find that in the Western World we over-think and over analyse. My African friends think with their heart and have clairvoyant-like gut instincts. When I am at a crossroads I often heed the advice of two female African friends who instinctively know which path I should be heading down.

The Diversity of Cultures and Crafts

Africa has a wonderful diversity of cultures and which brings with it a unique array of craft. Whether it be wood carvings from Zimbabwe, woven baskets from Botswana or diamonds from South Africa, you know your piece of Africa has been made by hand and is unique, much like no two zebras ever having the same stripes! It is believed the oldest form of adornment on the planet originated with the San people in Botswana in the form of ostrich shell jewellery!

So come on a journey with me and experience Africa for yourself. I guarantee when you leave you will be forever wild at heart!

Stephanie xx

This is a great guest post from Stephanie, our tour leader for the 2016 ‘Diamonds in the Wild’ tour of Zimbabwe, Botswana & South Africa. No wonder she is so passionate about this beautiful and truly extraordinary destination!

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