Keep your fitness on track during the holidays

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The holiday season is a challenge no matter which way you turn with parties, lots of lovely champagne, canap├ęs and the general need to lay low as the mercury climbs to its highest levels!

Even organising yourself (and whoever may be travelling with you) to get out the door and onto a flight for the holidays can be a challenge, so once you arrive and relax – it can be tempting to let your fitness regime take a break as well.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking it easy, but trust me when I say you will feel better if you keep some kind of routine going. So unless you have the luxury of taking your personal trainer on holidays with you, here are some simple tips to help keep you on track before you fly and during your getaway.

The day before you get on the plane, do some physical activity that will get your heart rate up, even if it is only for 30 minutes. Make time to do some stretching afterwards, to help release the tension from your body and warm down the muscles. Pilates is my exercise of choice, it really covers all the above bases!

Move around the airport before you board
It can be quite tempting to unwind in the lounge before you board your flight, enjoying a little pre-flight wine (and maybe a snack). As an alternative, why not take the opportunity to walk around for 15-20 minutes before you get on the flight (retail therapy counts). It makes the world of difference and is particularly good when you are in transit during a really long flight (this is also the perfect time to take a shower in the airline lounges if you are a member or travelling Business or First. For those who don’t have lounge access, there are many lounges now available for a fee and it is worth every penny).

Stretch post-flight
After a long trip, your muscles tend to be tighter than ever. When you get to your gate, ward off lower-back soreness with a forward fold (definition from the wonderful Women’s Health Magazine): Bend at the hips and fall forward, hugging your knees and rocking side to side. Once you reach your destination, help your body and mind reset with two yoga poses: downward dog and child’s pose. For those who love pilates, add in the slow roll down.

Pack the right tools
There are a few items you can pop in your suitcase for exercise while ‘on tour’ ‘ the two best from my experience are a theroband and skipping rope. If you feel like doing a bit of light weight work, two water bottles filled with water can suffice quite nicely.

Personally, I put on my music and dance around my room for as long as I feel like – it works up a sweat and makes you feel oh so good! Another option is just put on the walking (or running) shoes and get out to explore your destination.

Check out the fitness scene around you
If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, it’s worthwhile asking if there are any in the area which you can use for a small fee. I use Fitness First all over the world, and just pay a one off fee whichever gym I go to. If you are a member of a global gym check out their membership options and see if it can be extended for global use.

Finally, just enjoy.
Play with the kids, go swimming, try a new sport like stand up paddleboarding or surfing – whatever you do the mental benefits will add to a brand new you!

Chief Diva, Andrea xo

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