Going the distance: How to travel (and return home) as friends

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Since launching Divas & Co. I have been speaking with many people about the different experiences they have had when travelling either together as a couple, with friends or solo.

Many people believe overseas travel is the ‘ultimate’ relationship test! Some of our guests choose to leave their partners at home and let their inner travelling-diva run wild while others sometimes enjoy sharing the travel experience in mixed company, whether that be with a partner or best friend.

Personally, I have experienced travelling solo, with my best friend and with my husband. All can offer amazingly different experiences, which started me thinking: what does it take to ‘survive’ your first overseas holiday with a close friend or loved one?

Unexpected things will always pop-up while travelling and you need to recognize you will be in each other’s pockets for most hours of the day. Ivor and I have certainly had our fair share of challenges ‘ like Ivor putting his back out in Rome and me having to be the bag carrier (we’re talking three bags at 25kg each) ‘ so we both had a bit of fun putting together the below tips to keep in mind when travelling with a partner or close friend.

  • One person really needs to take responsibility for the trip organisation but it is important to discuss things together so both travelers have ownership. ‘ Have a code word ‘ we often tell each other to ‘go fishing’ or ‘go shopping’ if we need space and a day to ourselves.
  • As with any aspect of a relationship, compromise is key. For example, if something goes wrong due to a booking not being correct or a hotel not living up to expectations, solve it together – donʼt play the blame game!
  • Have a day in. When you have been travelling constantly you get tired, so have a picnic in your room, order room service, watch movies, relax and recharge.
  • Be careful about cutting costs on hotels. Often the cheapest option will put stress on each of you particularly if the rooms are too small or there is nowhere to relax.
  • Always get excited about the next destination while you’re travelling ‘ talk about what you want to do, where you’re going to eat, and so on to create a sense of excitement around the journey.
  • Make friends with other people at the bar or restaurant ‘ it provides interaction with other people and adds fun and colour to your trip.

If you are thinking about taking a holiday with your partner or friend, check out our first Divas & Co co-ed Moroccan tour commencing April 11-23, 2015, or one of the other great tours we have on offer!

Chief Diva, Andrea XO

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