Margaret October 2018

What an Adventure! What an Experience! What a privilege! I’ve just completed an adventure I’ll never forget. As a traveller who usually does so alone, the opportunities offered on this amazing journey to Ecuador and Peru were outstanding. I walked with giant tortoises; got up close and personal with iguanas; snorkelled in pristine waters of an amazingly untouched island and walked on a reed island that was home to a wonderful family group in Lake Titicaca, to name but a few.

I’ve just returned from an experience I’ll never forget. From the luxurious hotels situated anywhere: from Titilaca Lodge perched precariously on Lake Titicaca on top of the world, to an amazing safari camp in the Galapagos Islands, to an Andean hideaway set beside the Urubamba River to name just 3 of the wonderful places we stayed – to – the knowledge and passion of our guides; the inexplainable aura that takes your breath away when you step into the ancient world of Machu Picchu for the first time, the beautiful scenery; the care and passion of our leader and the company of women who brought diversity, much laughter and great stories to the group.

I’ve just returned and can reflect on the privilege that was offered tome by Travelling Divas and I thank them most sincerely for offering me the opportunity to join them on this outstanding adventure and experience, Diva Style.’