Jenny August 2015

‘What I enjoyed most? The relaxed itinerary. The excellent hosting and accommodation. The fact that it was women only. Not having to think about what to do next but just going with the flow. The accommodation was tranquil and very welcoming, Chris was excellent and very caring. The welcome goody bag was extremely generous and as soon as the Mumm came out (froth and all) I thought ‘hello, this is my kind of holiday!’ There was a very good mix of casual and upmarket dining, Lakehouse and Grande were favourites. I am impressed that all these were included and sharing the cost of wine and drinks was easy and well-managed. Andrea was very relaxed but organised and had the rare ability to make you feel she was part of the group but still in charge. I liked the way she joined in activities and genuinely seemed to enjoy our company. It was work but didn’t feel like she was just going through the motions. Thanks:).