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Even though we like to think that Travelling Divas really does offer something fantastic, we know that you need to hear it from those who have already travelled with us. We only have a small number of tours a year, and below you will find some feedback about how our customers felt about travelling with us.


'Andrea, thanks for the great planning, booking and attention to detail you provided for the family (of 10!!!) trip to Vietnam.  We had a fab time, made all the better by your assistance.....and the help the Huynh's provided with language and ..... yes, go on.... eat it!!!' Jan, April 2019


What an Adventure!  What an Experience!  What a privilege! I've just completed an adventure I'll never forget.  As a traveller who usually does so alone, the opportunities offered on this amazing journey to Ecuador and Peru were outstanding.  I walked with giant tortoises; got up close and personal with iguanas; snorkelled in pristine waters of an amazingly untouched island and walked on a reed island that was home to a wonderful family group in Lake Titicaca, to name but a few. 


I've just returned from an experience I'll never forget.  From the luxurious hotels situated anywhere:  from Titilaca Lodge perched precariously on Lake Titicaca on top of the world, to an amazing safari camp in the Galapagos Islands, to an Andean hideaway set beside the Urubamba River to name just 3 of the wonderful places we stayed - to - the knowledge and passion of our guides; the inexplainable aura that takes your breath away when you step into the ancient world of Machu Picchu for the first time, the beautiful scenery; the care and passion of our leader and the company of women who brought diversity, much laughter and great stories to the group.


I've just returned and can reflect on the privilege that was offered tome by Travelling Divas and I thank them most sincerely for offering me the opportunity to join them on this outstanding adventure and experience, Diva Style.'  Margaret, October 2018


'At times it can be lonely travelling alone, which is why travelling with the 'Divas' was so pleasant - a blend of interesting, well thought out and planned activities, some personal pampering and well chosen accommodation, some learning, exploring and leisure time, as well as fine-dining and good conversation with an interesting group of independent women, including our every vigilant and charming hostess/leader.' Terry, August 2016


'I just wanted to say thank you, I had a wonderful trip with yourself and the girls.  I experienced firsthand your care and professionalism in organising everything, and all the small details that you have to deal with that we do not see.  I am happy that I did the small group travel, as this makes it much easier to get to know everyone in the group.  You were always concerned that everyone was happy and catered to all our needs, and I appreciated your knowledge and the lovely hotels and restaurants everywhere we went.  Also thank you for the two lovely local guides, Desi and Gisella, that accompanied us; they were both very passionate and knowledgeable and a treat to have met them both.  Once again, Andrea, thank you for a wonderful holiday and a great experience.'  Diane, October 2015


'I loved that everything was so well organised, I felt safe that everything was taken care of.  I really felt like I was on a holiday and could relax and enjoy my surroundings.  I also loved that it was all women and we were there for a common purpose.  I enjoyed having the local guide, Gisella, who was so informative and I learnt so much from her which was an important aspect for me.  I loved the diversity of activities like the cooking class, that was amazing and so much fun.  Transfers were great, I never felt on my own.  The people like Bruno were very friendly.  I got a real sense throughout the trip that Andrea had a great relationship with the tour group and they were there to make our time as pleasant and informative as possible.  I felt Andrea could cope with anything so I felt safe and confident at all times.' Michele, October 2015


'I enjoyed the entire experience - outstanding!  Meeting a group of strangers and forming a bond with them; sharing our lives past and present, sharing future hopes and dreams, laughing, crying, listening and just talking.  Plus being hosted by two amazing women, Andrea and Christine, who provided a money can't buy experience.  All dining experiences were outstanding, particularly the Grande and the Lakehouse.  Andrea Powis take a bow you are amazing.  MMMM what did I like??????  THAT YOU CARE and made us all feel valued and important.'  Sue, August 2015


'What I enjoyed most?  The relaxed itinerary.  The excellent hosting and accommodation.  The fact that it was women only.  Not having to think about what to do next but just going with the flow.  The accommodation was tranquil and very welcoming, Chris was excellent and very caring.  The welcome goody bag was extremely generous and as soon as the Mumm came out (froth and all) I thought 'hello, this is my kind of holiday!'   There was a very good mix of casual and upmarket dining, Lakehouse and Grande were favourites.  I am impressed that all these were included and sharing the cost of wine and drinks was easy and well-managed.  Andrea was very relaxed but organised and had the rare ability to make you feel she was part of the group but still in charge.  I liked the way she joined in activities and genuinely seemed to enjoy our company.  It was work but didn't feel like she was just going through the motions.  Thanks:).'  Jenny, August 2015

'I loved travelling with the girls - so much fun.  Stephanie was and is so amazing, so professional and caring.  I felt so at ease and confident that this was going to be an amazing holiday, and it was. I absolutely loved everything we did! Can't wait for Sydney in November and Paris in June!'  Deirdre, September 2014.

'I have just returned to Perth from 'Diamonds in the Wild' and had such a great time.  Everything was perfect and Stephanie went out of her way for all of us on this tour; nothing was too much trouble.  We all had lots of laughs and even lots more cocktails to drink, and of course the food everywhere was amazing.  I loved Botswana and the Elephant Camp at Victoria Falls, and spending time back in Cape Town brought back lots of memories from my childhood.  I am now looking forward to my next Travelling Divas' tour in 2015!' Hilary, September 2014

'This was not the first Divas Tour I have been on and it WON'T be the last!  I think the most enjoyable part of this tour (as in previous Diva Tours) is meeting and enjoying the company of fellow Divas.  I disliked absolutely nothing at all.  As the saying goes - 'good food and wine (and She-Tea), good company and the perfect setting' went a very long way to restoring my ZEN.' Ange, August 2014 

'I enjoyed the whole organised delicious experience.  The other divas were great company;  the chief diva was very caring, professional and organised; the hostess of the guest home was extraordinary.  The whole package delivered was terrific.  There was nothing I didn't like.  I went with no expectations, nor did I research where Daylesford was.  I went with the adventure or rather the journey and it was totally unexpected and terrific.' Marianne, August 2014

'The things we did each day and the places we went to were quite faithful to the prepared itinerary, which gave an indulgent overview of art and architecture, Italian food and wine culture, and quite especial shopping opportunities, not only on the track of big labels but also the unique and artisanal products.  There was a pleasant flexibility from planned activities that allowed for some special side trips or personal choices in how time was spent.  Andrea Powis was a delight to travel with - charming, friendly and sharing in the fun and always there to help with the little individual hiccups of travel that occur.  Mention must also be made of the guides she chose for individual sections of the trip - they vastly added to the colour of the experience through their knowledge and passion for their subject.'  Alexandra, June 2014


'A great mix of places, events and private time.  All the divas were lovely, fun, interesting ladies.  I saw things that as a solo traveller I would not have access to or probably even know about.'  Anita, July 2014


'Everything was arranged and taken care of for me, I didn't have to worry about 'What's next?' because Andrea took care of that for me.  I really only wanted to know when and where to meet in the immediate future.  I enjoyed all of the activities with the small amount of free time, I thought it was well balanced.'  Janette, July 2014

''Our trip to South America was superb.  From the fantastic places we visited to the delicious food and wine, incredible accommodation - we just loved it.  Of course Machu Picchu and Iguassu Falls were highlights, but I also really liked how we went to different places.  From visiting the bear sanctuary to meeting jewellery designers; to going behind the scenes in Buenos Aires with the WOW Factor to having champagne in an artist's studio to a wine tour in Mendoza - the list goes on!'.  Lisa, December 2013 

'Thank you for the fantastic holiday and making my first 'solo' travel experience such a positive one.  I look forward to travelling with you again (hopefully next year).'  Bernadette, November 2013

'Today saw the end of my 'Peruvian Delights & Tango with Eva Peron' adventure...and it was...well amazing!  Machu Picchu, Iguazu Falls, Eva Peron, tango lessons, polo matches, culinary delights (including guinea pig, llama, pisco sours and malbec), artisans, historians, shopping, pampering and great travel companions to name but a few of the highlights.  Andrea Powis, you have again outdone yourself.  My absolute heartfelt thanks  go to you for providing me with the travel opportunity of a lifetime.  Already looking forward to my next Travelling Diva experience!'  Liza, November 2013 

'There was so much I enjoyed about this tour.  I loved the choice of being able to skip an activity if we weren't feeling up to it; I loved our tour guides who knew everything about the area and could lead us in the right direction; I loved the variety of food, wines and different venues we went to each day.  Every restaurant we went in to and every little town was unique and had its own little history behind it.'  Betty, October 2013

 'Once again you have gone above and beyond expectations and continue to surprise and delight.  Until next time.'  Narelle & Jenny September 2013


'Thank you so much for making our trip to such a beautiful place so special.  We have had the most amazing time and will never forget the friends we have travelled with, the gorgeous places we have stayed, the food, wine and other wonderful experiences every day. Your warmth, care, laughter and sense of fun has been appreciated and has make the trip a very special time for Mum & I.' Julie & Pat September 2013

'I was apprehensive about the shopping, but Fleur (stylist) was amazing and I really enjoyed it!  Andrea was wonderful; she made everyone feel special.  So many highlights! Learning about colours, shapes and having a stylist shop with us; massage and hotel spa facilities to use whenever I wanted; the tasting at Peacock Sky and dinner at DeBrett's Kitchen.....a lovely diverse group of ladies and I enjoyed having the opportunity to connect with them.'  Gayemaree, April 2013

'An all-round, well organised experience!'  Ange, April 2013

'All was good.  Lovely hotel - would stay at another Langham.  Food was excellent and loved the lunch at Waiheke and the shopping with Fleur (stylist)!  Will travel with you again.'  Helen, April 2013

'The highlight of the tour?  The tour!'  Sue November 2012

'Andrea's knowledge, support and contacts on our tour has given me an amazing insight into the land & culture of a dream I had, making it all a reality with friendship and warmth.  I have had a ball.'
Linda September 2012

'I had a fabulous time on the Audrey tour with an amazing group of like-minded women who came to be more than just your everyday tourists.  We came to immerse ourselves in a different culture, to explore beautiful cities and towns, to dine on fabulous food and wine in locations that ranged from quirky little restaurants in hilltop towns to hidden gems in bustling cities.  We shopped 'til we dropped, laughed until we cried and were introduced to people and places that we could never have hoped to discover on our own.  I loved staying in the little boutique hotels which always had the best locations and great personalised service and I am looking forward to doing it all again next year, if I can just narrow down which tour to do when we are so spoilt for choice!'  Sue September 2012

'Loved being introduced to new tastes & styles; fun to share good food with new friends.  so many activities to enjoy together - well organised and discussed with enthusiasm!  All of us were quite different yet we came together as a group.  I found this trip was great fun for me - it is not my usual way to travel, but it worked! Thanks for this opportunity to enjoy Spain in comfort and good company.'   Barbara June 2012

'I felt really well looked after - which is a nice change when I am usually the one looking after everyone else!'  Louise June 2012

'Loved our afternoon in the funky hair salon.  I really do love the way your tours pamper us....nothing gives you more confidence than having been made up to feel pretty!  Words cannot describe Annie B's in Vejer de la Frontera.  Gorgeous town, gorgeous lady, gorgeous home & gorgeous food!  I can now see why this was everyone's favourite day on the tour last year.  My holiday Diva experience was excellent as always.  The highlight of my trip is always the company & the lifelong friendships formed.  See you in Italy!' Stephanie June 2012

'Good mix of Indonesian & western food - amazing restaurants.  You always go 'the extra mile' - we really appreciate it!  The highlights of the tour?  The activities, the food and the people!'  Lisa, April 2012

'Thank you very much for another fabulous holiday.  You make everything effortless and seamless.  Love ya work!'  Kylie, April 2012

'What makes your tours so fabulous Andrea is the VIP service where ever we go. Whether it be the Chef's table, private "rock star" transfers, personal shopper or private fashion parade; we, the client is always made to feel special. This inspires confidence. Whether this gives you confidence to travel by yourself, try a new outfit or hairstyle, or even make new friends. This stays with us forever. Your tours also give us the opportunity to re evaluate. When you travel it puts things into perspective and you learn a lot about yourself and what you want from life.  I know Spain was life changing for me which made me look forward in anticipation to New York. To be honest I was nervous about New York because I had such high expectations after Spain. I was relieved when the group was just as welcoming and fun and confirmed to me what I already knew. I am a divine Travelling Diva.'  Stephanie, December 2011

'Thank you for a wonderful adventure in the Big Apple!!! Once again your attention to detail and your caring and thoughtful being resulted in the perfect Diva Experience.  I really enjoyed all of the luxury & pampering and of course.....the food!!  I've made some beautiful new friends and met so many happy, helpful New Yorkers.  I look forward to my next adventure with Travelling Divas.' 
Tonessa, December 2011

'Travelling with the Divas was a once in a lifetime experience....well I hope it's more than once for me.  Never could I imagine having my own personal stylist at my fingertips for half a day at the world's best department store at Saks 5th Avenue, let alone having my hair done at hair mecca..Bumble & Bumble.  This type of holiday is what every woman needs.  I'll be back!'  
Anita, December 2011

'Best holiday experience ever.  Loved everything!  I would not have changed a thing.' Jenny, November 2011

'By the end of the week I feel like a princess! Cannot speak highly enough of the trip overall and I will be speaking of it often when I get home, trust me!  Expect referrals!  It was without a doubt your personal touch that made this trip the success that it was.  Will always remember it as a very special time.'  Narelle, November 2011

'This tour was a really lovely way to see New York and the exclusive events were the icing on the already delicious cake.  The ease of friendships that formed so we didn't look like a big bus tour group but a group of friends travelling together - this is the reason I would return to Travelling Divas.'  Glenda, November 2011

'Thanks for a great week-end!!!  It was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed chatting with Kylie & Lisa, meeting Angela & Maureen, and Mandy & Lily... And, The Observatory... what can I say... it's gorgeous.  You organised another fabulous trip, which included fabulous activities that I wouldn't have done otherwise... So thank-you.'  Tonessa, September 2011

'Thank you for a lovely afternoon on Saturday, what a great idea.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting other divas and was fascinated by Charlotte's story.  Now I'm even more excited about the trip to NY, just have to decide what clothes to take and pack up.'  Vivienne, September 2011

'I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful weekend, I was so happy I decided to attend.  The High Tea was wonderful and Charlotte's show was exceptional, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The company of everyone was great and I believe I have made some new friends, I will be travelling with you again.'  Dianne, September 2011

'Just wanted to say thank you for a truly memorable trip in Spain. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the trip; I mean how much jamon, mojito's and shopping can a Diva survive. I thought all of our inclusions were wonderful and diverse and you are well and truly in tune with what a Diva is after on holiday. I always look forward to your newsletters and look forward to becoming a regular Travelling Diva.'  Stephanie, June 2011

'Loved staying in boutique style, smaller hotels. Very good locations. Great variety of small, local tapas bars. flamenco class was fabulous; cooking with Annie was so much fun! Hammam and tapas tour were unforgettable. Both Andrea and Casey were just delightful to travel with and the holiday was filled with 'once in a life time' opportunities. Just loved it.'  Lisa June 2011

'Hey Queen D...hope you and the King are having a lovely few days off in Barthelona ;). So many thanks for an absolutely fabulous holiday experience. I loved every second and am telling everyone who will listen (including people I met at the airport) what a fabulous time I had. Enjoy some down time now and see you soon for bowls and paella or even just bowls of paella.'
quote from Travelling Divas Facebook page from Diva Liza June 2011

'Karleen and I were talking today about what a great trip Italy was (Karleen and Angie were on 'Doing the Audrey Hepburn)! We all had such a fabulous time!! So much fun and would do it all over again.'  Angie, September 2010

'Bali was the best experience I have ever had. There are no words to describe the wonderful accommodation, delicious restaurants and unique experiences we had. The attention to detail made it stress free and luxurious. From the moment I booked with Andrea right up until I arrived home I felt totally looked after, pampered and very much a Diva! Thank you!'  Olivia, June 2010

'Hi Andrea, a few weeks have past and my holiday stays with me. Thanks to you I saw and experienced some beautiful places. I have given your details to a lot of people so hopefully you will hear from some of them in the future. All the best with future ventures.' Lesleigh, June 2010

'I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this year's adventure. I was expecting it to be good, but I had no idea how amazing it was really going to be. I didn't want to leave the Royal Pita Maha and Villa Marxiz was exactly what I needed at that point in time. The girls were all just beautiful. I can't thank you enough for everything you did during the trip, you are the glue that pulled everything together and my sweet Brett, what a Gem, I love him to bits'   Deb, May 2010

'We recently booked with Andrea from Travelling Divas for a trip to Bali. We gave Andrea minimal information and I was very impressed with the results. Of course we left it to the last minute and were travelling in peak season but that didn't stop Andrea coming back with some wonderful options. Andrea will help you with ideas and suggestions if you don't know the area, and we found her very knowledgeable. She's also prompt and efficient with her communications we didn't have to worry about a thing! All in all, a really great experience with Travelling Divas and we will definitely book with her again.'

Jane (and her lovely man Craig), October 2010 (INDEPENDENT BOOKING)

2009 Tour - our very first!

'Fiji really was "Me Time". Andrea and her team took care of everything; tickets, transfers, checkins and even found me a fantastic cup of coffee.....something that is often a challenge when travelling! I just sat back and enjoyed being a diva (at least for a few days!). Thanks for a trully indulgent holiday. I can't wait 'til the next one!'   Sharon, June 2009

'Bula Andrea! Vinaka for the wonderful time in Fiji - I just loved it! You did such a wonderful job organising everything, and made it such a relaxing experience. And the Pilates with Liz was excellent. I can't wait til the next trip :o)'  Alison, June 2009

'My time in Fiji was truly me time. Everything was seamlessly well organised and I felt confident in Andrea�s capable hands that we would be well taken care of. Travelling without my husband felt unusual initially, but very soon I found myself totally relaxed and carefree and enjoying the wonderful company of a group of terrific, interesting and like-minded women. The pilates was a fantastic addition to the trip; feeling relaxed while being re-energised was what I wanted to achieve, and I did! I am looking forward to the next trip with Divas and will recommend this trip to friends and family.'  Amanda, July 2009